Inspiration is Blooming

Inspiration is Blooming


In my years as a music teacher, I have been privileged to work with many students in different settings. Many, but not all, of these students have been children. In the past year and a half, my student population has shifted to an adult majority. I am currently teaching nine adults, eight of whom are studying piano for the first time!

These adult students amaze me. I am struck by their passion to fulfill a dream. I am inspired by their commitment to live as lifelong learners. It takes courage and vulnerability to display one’s abilities – and inabilities – to another human being each week. I feel honored to be part of this journey and facilitate their learning process. After dedicating time and resources to practice and attend lessons, I am awed by the musical growth I see in each one of them.

They remind me that it is never too late to learn something new.

Inspiration is blooming. This year, I will invest in myself with the same courage and discipline that I see in my students. I have set a couple of new goals, which I am happy to report are already underway:

  • This month, I have started to increase my own daily practice routine. My goal is to perform a recital of new repertoire in the spring or summer.

  • In order to experience what my students experience each week – and hopefully improve my teaching in the process, I will take lessons as a beginner on a new instrument.

I have also set some studio goals:

  • Write and update this blog more frequently

  • Continue the exciting growth that Seeds of Sound is experiencing. January brought 5 new students!

  • Organize a series of concerts for those in need of cheer (nursing homes, hospitals, etc.) Students, contact me if you are interested in participating!

Thank you to all of my students, young and old, for the time we share and the inspiration you bring.

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