Summer Music Camps!

This summer at Seeds of Sound brings some new creative learning opportunities! June features Composing for Kids, a camp for budding composers! In July, Music of the World camp will introduce students to the sounds and instruments of other cultures. Check out the camp details below and contact to register! Composing for Kids June […]

Sounds of Nature

                                I am excited to announce a nature-themed music class taking place this spring and summer for young children! Sounds of Nature is ideal for children ages 3-5 (other ages are welcome too). In this class, children will sing, dance, […]

Inspiration is Blooming

In my years as a music teacher, I have been privileged to work with many students in different settings. Many, but not all, of these students have been children. In the past year and a half, my student population has shifted to an adult majority. I am currently teaching nine adults, eight of whom are […]

One Handed Pianist: The imPossible Dream

One Handed Pianist: The Impossible Dream Labor Day is just around the corner. For most students and teachers, this holiday marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. While its always hard to see summer slip away, fall brings a renewed sense of passion to life. Seasonal changes remind me of this in […]

I Think You’re Wonderful

I think you’re wonderful. I think you’re marvelous. I think you’re beautiful, and magical, and filled with curiosity and dreams.   Imagine a dozen preschoolers singing these words to one another. Their hands move in sign language while their lips move in song. They know every word. Their eyes shine with delight. I think you’re […]

Holiday Special – Give the Gift of Music!

  Wondering what to give someone special for Christmas this year? Looking for a gift that is practical, fun, sentimental, functional, creative, surprising and unusual? How about a gift that will improve brain function, increase wellness, reduce stress, warm the heart, sooth the soul, and bring fun and joy into the recipient’s life? If that type […]

Thanksgiving for Music

  My favorite Thanksgiving memory is related to an old piece of sheet music. In my mind, I can still see the worn page, resting against the  upright piano I learned to play on as a child. Its corners are well-loved and tattered, and the ink is faded but still clear enough to read. The […]

Music in Outer Space

Ever wondered if there is music in outer space? According to NASA, the answer is yes! That is, if you’re willing to consider hauntingly beautiful but strange sounds as music. I heard the following piece today on NPR’s Morning Edition, which made the wheels in my head start to turn:   If we […]

DIY: Maracas!

Looking for a fun, crafty and musical math project to do with kids? Look no further, and start making maracas! This post will provide simple steps for an activity to be done at home or in any learning environment. Maracas, also known as shakers, are percussion instruments typically used in Latin styles of music such […]

What Music Means to Me

I recently encountered the question, “What does music mean to you?” It is undeniable that music can evoke emotional, physical, and even mental responses from us as human beings. Music can trigger memories from the recesses of our minds, and inspire us to action in the unfolding moments of life. As I ponder this question […]