thumbnailStudents receive an assignment sheet at each piano lesson with details regarding repertoire and practice instructions. The assignment sheet should be kept at the piano and followed closely throughout the week. Parents and students are encouraged to structure practice as goal-oriented rather than time-oriented.



Practice Tips:

  • The most important day of practice is the day of and immediately following your lesson. Practice as much as possible while the lesson remains fresh in your mind.
  • Strive for 5-6 days of practice per week. If time is limited, aim for a brief practice session with active concentration. A short amount of focused time is more effective than a long amount of unfocused time!
  • In all practice, strive for accuracy and expressive playing.
  • Work on music in sections and strive for 3 accurate and musical repetitions. This is more effective than playing the piece from beginning to end repeatedly.
  • Want to make progress? Tackle the hardest parts of your music first. Enjoy playing easier music as a reward.